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231.) CONJUROR'S MAGAZINE, William Locke, No.12 Red Lion St., Holborn, England. "Sold by Booksellers and Newscurriers in Town & Country." August, 1791 to July, 1793. Complete file of 24 issues. TOOLE-STOTT #179. The first magician's periodical. Interesting feature is an astrological chart and explanation for King George III of England! Remember, this was immediately after the American Revolution which KGIII lost!! File was bound in quarter leather but appears to have been done soon after publication of the last issue and shows considerable wear, front cover loose. Issues are intact!! I'll call it Scarce but believe RARE would apply!...............$800.00

86.) IMPROMPTU MAGIC FROM THE MAGIC CASTLE (and) PARTY MAGIC FROM THE MAGIC CASTLE, Magic Castle Library, edited by Leo Behnke, J. P. Tarcher, Inc. Los Angeles & Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston, 1980. THE SET OF TWO BOOKS. blue cloth and orange cloth bound respectivly, 236 and 239 pp. Both with dj - dj are slightly stained - books are mint condition!......................$15.00

88.) THE ART OF AMUSING, A COLLECTION OF GRACEFUL ARTS, GAMES, TRICKS, PUZZLES, AND CHARADES. Intended to amuse everybody and enable all to amuse everybody else. By Frank Bellew. With 200 Illustrations. London: John Camden Hotten, Piccadilly. (1870) T.S. #90. Maroon pict. cloth, 299++pp. w/frontis. cover shows some wear & shrinkage, some pages have age-spotting.......................$40.00

102.) LAUGHTER ALL THE WAY, by Ron Bishop, publ. by Goodliffe Publications, England. 1968, tan cloth bound w/gilt letters, 130 pp. Illust. by the author. Foreword by Peter Warlock. With chapters on children's magic, safety magic (quite popular then, maybe could be today!!), routines w/toys and "novelty equip". plus glove puppets and vent. Some interesting tips on making your own props. Like New.....................$15.00

104.) BLACKSTONE'S MODERN CARD TRICKS, by Harry Blackstone, publ. by A.L. Burt Co., New York, 1932, 1st edition! Red cloth bound, illus., 204 pp. A very good "introduction to card magic" book. Really Excellent condition but marked on front cover and inside front cover. (That enthusiasm again!!)............................$20.00

106.) BLAISDELL'S ORIGINAL MAGIC, by Frank E. Blaisdell, M.D., publ. by Magic Limited, Lloyd E. Jones, Oakland, CA. 1976, gold cloth bound, 251 pp. illus. 50% Magic, 50% Mentalism. Slightly stained cover otherwise Like New!............$8.50

109.) PHILOSOPHY IN SPORT MADE SCIENCE IN ERNEST. BEING AN ATTEMPT TO ILLUSTRATE THE FIRST PRINCIPLES OF NATURAL PHILOSOPHY BY THE AID OF POPULAR TOYS AND SPORTS. In Three (3) Volumes. Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown and Green, Paternoster Row, London, 1827, by Johnh Ayrton Paris, 1st Edition - Toole-Stott number 525. Bound in grey boards (original binding - begs to be well rebound), front cover of Vol.1 is loose, all 3 covers show wear and stained (see pic) - all pages of all 3 volumes perfectly intact and complete. TS shows four, but BW could surely give a more accurate listing!!! Obviously unusual offering!!!................$100.00

110.) THE MODERN PLAYMATE, A BOOK OF GAMES, SPORTS AND DIVERSIONS FOR BOYS OF ALL AGES. Compiled and edited by Rev. J.G. Wood, M.A., F.L.S. With six hundred original illustrations (woodcuts). A New and Revised edition. publ. by Frederick Warne & Co., London, 1875. blue cloth bound w/gilt letters and pict. 883+ pp. Toole-Stott number 1210. Blue cover, spine and back cover are separated from book. Shows considerable wear although all pages intact and complete.........................$100.00

111.) THE BOY'S MODERN PLAYMATE, compiled and edited by Rev. J.G. Wood, publ. by Frederick Warne & Co., New York & London, light blue cloth bound w/gilt & black pict. A New Edition, thoroughly revised to date, w/six hundred illustrations, 1880. Toole-Stott number 1210 - although a different edition, title and date TS listed under the same number as #1210 above!!! 816+ pp., w/frontis., Jimmy Findlay bp, shows considerable use, spine discolored, inscription on 1st blank page from 1897.....$65.00

121.) CONJURER'S MONTHLY MAGAZINE, Vol. 1 #1 to Vol. 2 #12, Sept., 1906 through Aug., 1908. publ. by HARRY HOUDINI, New York. THE ORIGINAL COMPLETE FILE OF 24 ISSUES!!! Going online gives the impression that Houdini only published to September, 1907. A complete file by Houdini goes to August of 1908 (2 Years!!). Beautifully & Professionally bound in green cloth w/gilt lettering on spine, in two volumes. Volume One has index bound in, Volume two has just first page of index separate. Except for #2 index as noted, all issues are perfect and almost like new!!! Being bound has kept them so absolutely beautiful!!!..........................$1000.00

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