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127.) HOUDINI'S BIG LITTLE BOOK OF MAGIC, FASCINATING PUZZLES, TRICKS AND MYSTERIOUS STUNTS. SELECTED BY HOUDINI - THE WORLD'S GREATEST MAGICIAN. publ. by Whitman Publishing Company, Wisconsin, © 1927 by Beatrice Houdini. 191 pp., illus. every other page! Pict. board covers. Marvelous collection of everyday tricks w/o really exposing anything (of course). EXCELLENT condition.............$15.00

128.) HOUDINI COMMEMERATIVE CACHET, First Day Issue, Oct. 31, 1976, designed by John Hendler and AUTOGRAPHED BY DESIGNER. Postmarked Detroit, Mich. COPY of Houdini signature on back, bio of Houdini plus 4 stamps (not relative to Houdini) in plasticene (sp?) envelope inside. put out by The Premier Company of Houston. Issued on the 50th anniv. of Houdini's death. Like New..............$15.00

134.) MAGIC SECRETS FOR ENTERTAINING - MARTINKA & CO. HANDOUT, 1919. 12 pages, Priced at 25 cents but actually appears to be a handout offering catalog at 10 cents. back shows Houdini w/pitch: "Become a Houdini - Escape from a Box after having been nailed in it." EXCELLENT condition............................$15.00

142. THURSTON THROW-OUT CARD, N.D., playing card size with Thurston on front and Jane Thurston on rear. Excellent!. Each.............$10.00

147.) "MR. ELECTRIC", MARVYN ROY & CAROL "BOOKLET" TITLED "THE MAGIC OF MAGIC", an 8-1/2x11, 12 page booklet giving advice on conceiving an act, building an act, booking, being an assistant, opening your mind & imagination, etc. AUTOGRAPHED BY MARVYN ROY & CAROL- BOTH. illus. with photos.................$15.00

149.) MYSTERIOUS SMITH CO. PRESENTING THE TEMPLE OF MYSTERY, 4 page newspaper style (and size) flyer for "AMERICA'S GREATEST MYSTERY PRODUCTION". Ten Tons Of Baggage. "A CIRCUS IN MYSTERY LAND". "OLGA, THE SENSATION OF AMERICA". Illust. with graphics and photos of illusions. For the Mason Theatre - Goldsboro, N.C. Nov. 21 - no year shown. Costuming leads me to speculate 1940's. I see online where someone wants info on Mys. Smith and there is nothing of substance available. Here it is folks!!! Some slight separation at creases. PERFECT...................$10.00

150.) BLACKSTONE (Sr.) SOUVNIR PROGRAM, N.D. circa 1950's - very likely his last tour. Many photos, many girls, many costumes. Shows program for the show involving "Astonishing Mysteries The Master Magician Has Gathered From The Four Corners Of The Earth." 16 pp. including wraps, 4 pages devoted to "Blackstone's Secrets Of Magic". 3 color. EXCELLENT condition....................$20.00

151.) KALANAG - MAGICAL MUSICAL REVUE - SOUVENIR PROGRAM, N.D., circa late 1950's, full color wraps, 20 pp. including wraps, many photos from around the world, no trick section. Some slight abrasions around edges. Excellent............$10.00

152.) DANTE "SIM-SALA-BIM" 50 TRICKS FOR EVERYBODY, N.D., circa 1940's. 28 pp. including 3 color wraps, 10 pages devoted to tricks so appears to be more a souvenir program or publicity booklet than a trick book! No program lineup though. many photos from around the world and of the show. Includes bio, challenge, press comments, referrals, etc. & features Moi-Yo-Miller. Slight wear. Excellent......$20.00

153.) BLACKSTONE (Jr.) "CIRCUS OF ILLUSIONS" SOUVENIR PROGRAM, 1980, 24 pp. including color wrap, full color centerfold, no tricks, many photos, capsule history of the two Blackstones, features Gay Blackstone as assistant, Mrs. and co-executive producer. INSCRIBED AND AUTOGRAPHED ON BACK COVER BY BLACKSTONE JR. and dated 3/25/80. Shows some wear around the edges. Excellent........$10.00

154.) SIEGFRIED & ROY "BEYOND BELIEF" SOUVENIR PROGRAM, 1981, Frontier Hotel & Casino - Las Vegas, 36 full color pages including wraps, w/attached post cards intact on back cover. Program and photos of each act. Excellent............10.00

156.) THE MAGICIAN'S WIFE, by Jerome Charyn, publ. by Catalan Communications, New York. 1st English Ed., 1st Printing. 9"x12", pict. card fold out wraps. 88 graphic pages, serious comic book style. 1987. Honored with the <<Prix Alfred>> (Angouleme, 1986) and the <<Gran Prix>> (Sierre, 1986). Described as an eerie and erotic story with artwork described the same way. LIKE NEW..................$19.00

161.) NEKA, THE BOY CONJUROR or A MYSTERY OF THE STAGE, by Captain Ralph Bonehill, publ. by Street & Smith, Publishers, New York & London, 1902, grey pict. cloth bound w/gilt letters on spine, 240+ pp., sparsely illust. Shows Wear......$25.00

176.) AROUND THE WORLD WITH A MAGICIAN AND A JUGGLER - UNIQUE ADVENTURES IN MANY LANDS OF BARON HARTWIG SEEMAN "EMPEROR of MAGICIANS" AND WILLIAM D'ALVINI "JUGGLER. JAP OF JAPS". By H. J. Burlingame, publ. by Clyde Publishing Co., Chicago, pict. paper wraps, 172 pp., photo illust., 1891, FIRST EDITION IN PAPERBACK. same as #175 issued in the lesser known paper edition. Shows some wear, chip in upper left corner of back wrap and a couple of chips in spine...$45.00

193.) THE NEW MODERN COIN MAGIC, by J. B. Bobo, revised and expanded edition publ. by Magic, Inc., 1966, light blue cloth bound w/gilt letters, well illust., 519 pp. Spine stained and shows some wear................$12.50

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