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248.) VICTOR FARELLI COLLECTION, An extremely relevant collection of some of the classic performers in Magic and their effects as authored by the prolific Victor Farelli including his own ideas: CONTROLLED COINCIDENCE,"Four Modern Card Miracles",London,1931,15+pp, MASTER SPELLER, London, 1930, 11+pp., NATE LEIPIG'S CARD STAB, #115 Initialed by VF, priv.publ., 24pp., 1952, J. RAMSAY'S TRIPLE RESTORATION, Paper Tear/Billet Switch,priv.publ.21+pp,1948, J. RAMSAY'S FOUR LITTLE BEANS, ed. by Farelli,priv.publ,19+pp, 1952, FARELLI'S CARD MAGIC PT.1, 2nd ed., England, 1933, 59+pp,photo illus, FARELLI'S CARD MAGIC PT.2, England, 60-105pp,photo illus, LEND ME YOUR PACK, "Novel Experiments w/Borrowed Cards",Revised Ed., n.d., 50+pp, photo illus, THANKS TO LEIPZIG, London, 1948,53+pp,photo illus,this has been nicely bound in black leatherette,DeWitz bp... THE FARELLI COLLECTION OF THE ABOVE 9 BOOKS..................$90.00

217.) EXPERT MANIPULATION OF PLAYING CARDS, by Lewis Ganson, publ. by Academy Of Recorded Crafts, Arts And Sciences, Ltd., England. LIMITED BLUE CLOTH BOUND OFFERING OF THE 1ST EDITION BY PUBL. Photo illust., 82+ pp. N.D., circa 1946. The basic primer on card manipulation as a routine for an act - Palming, Fans, Flourishes, Bare hand productions, etc. Spine & edges faded, shows slight wear........$15.00


241.) THE METEOR, Wilfred Tyler, England, Vol.1, #'s 1,2,3,4. Mar., 1949 to Jun.,1949. "A Star Magazine Focusing On Magic & Magicians." Complete File!! Beautifully bound in one brown leatherette volume. Excellent condition. Scarce.....................$75.00

224.) THE MAGICIAN MONTHLY MAGAZINE: Will Goldston-Pub Beautifully hardbound in red leatherette w/gilt letters & spine bars. Complete file...$1050

225.) THE MAGAZINE OF MAGIC: Complete file, bound...$600

226.) STANYON'S "MAGIC" MAGAZINE: Complete file, bound. ........$850

228.) THAYER MAGICAL BULLETIN: Complete file, bound.. $450

229.) CONJUROR'S MAGAZINE: (1945) Complete file, bound.$200

230.) HADE*E*GRAM MAGI ZETTE: Complete file, bound. $150

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