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Carrington, Herewarde244

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239.) SEANCE, THE QUARTERLY MAGAZINE DEVOTED TO SPIRIT MAGIC. Scott Davis, Maryland,U.S.A. 1988 to 1991. This is #'s 1 through 12. Believe this to be a complete file. Excellent.................................$50.00

197.) A THOUGHT READER'S THOUGHTS BEING THE IMPRESSIONS AND CONFESSIONS OF STUART CUMBERLAND, by Stuart Cumberland, publ. by Sampson, Low, Marston & Rivington, Limited, London, 1888, green cloth bound w/gilt letters, w/frontis and tissue, Paul Fleming bp, INSCRIBED BY CUMBERLAND: "TO HIS EXCELLENCY THE RT. HON. LORD LANSDOWNE, WITH THE HOMAGE OF THE AUTHOR" 326 pp. Some stains on cover, Very Scarce...................$145.00

2.) THE OPEN COURT, a monthly magazine, Vol.33-No.5, (issue #756) May, 1919, Open Court Publ., Chicago. Containing an illustrated article by David P. Abbott entitled "Spiritualistic Materialization and Other Mediumistic Phenomena". I am not familiar with the magazine but I suspect the frontis. and pages of the Abbott article were gleaned from the magazine and stapled to the original covers and there may have been more to the issue however the Abbott article is complete!! Excellent condition..........$10.00

3.) THE SPIRIT PORTRAIT MYSTERY [It's Final Solution], by David P. Abbott,1913, Open Court Publ., Chicago. Heavy paper covers republished in booklet form from Open Court Magazine of April, 1913. 37 pp, frontis, Excellent Condition........$15.00

5.) THE HISTORY OF A STRANGE CASE, by David P. Abbott, 1908, Open Court Publ., Chicago, frontis, 61pp. (includes advert pages in rear), soft board covers, republ. in booklet form from Open Court Mag. of 1908. Being Abbott's expose' and impressions of seances with the Ohio medium, E. Blake. Spine has been reinforeced with cellophane tape. Very unusual selection!!.................$15.00

6.) BEHIND THE SCENES WITH THE MEDIUMS, by David P. Abbott, 1908, 2nd ed., Open Court Publ., Chicago, tan cloth bound, 352 pp. Relatively comprehensive expose' of mediumistic effects of the era. Cover marked & stained by age..............$25.00

7.) BEHIND THE SCENES WITH THE MEDIUMS, by David P. Abbott, 1916, 5th revised ed., Open Court Publ., Chicago, tan paper board covers, 347 pp. Covers stained from age otherwise Excellent. Added material over earlier editions..........$20.00

15.) THE LIFE AND MYSTERIES OF THE CELEBRATED DR. "Q", "Dedicated to Magicians for The Betterment of Magic And The Truth of Psychic Phenomena". by C. Alexander, Alexander Publ. Co., Los Angeles, 1921, 1st Ed., red cloth bound w/ gilt lettering & graphics, the 1st Ed. as published by Alexander and AUTOGRAPHED & INSCRIBED by the author! Although this went into many later editions under Nelson Enterprises, this is the original. 124 pp., well illus.. Magic, Stage Illusions and Spiritualism. Front cover has an ink mark otherwise Excellent condition. Very Scarce Ed.............$110.00

39.) THE SECRETS OF MAHATMA LAND EXPLAINED, by Prof. Samri S. Baldwin - "The White Mahatma", publ. by the author, 1895, fully illus., pict. board covers, 120 pp. "Teaching And Explaining the Performances of The Most Celebrated Oriental Mystery Makers and Magicians in All Parts of The World." Absolutely fascinating and Incredible Historical information mostly about Eastern Cultures. Covers show wear (see photo) title page missing and some stains on pages...................................$20.00

54.) STAGE MENTALISM, by North Bigbee, publ. by Magic, Inc., 1969, 2nd printing.72 pp., illus. Excellent cond...........................$4.50

71.) SUPER-PSYCHIC MENTAL EFFECTS, by Howard Albright, publ. by Abbott's Magic Co., 1948, 52 pp. illus. Good Cond....................................$5.00

72.) SUPER-SENSITIVE FINGERTIPS, by Howard Albright, publ. by Unique Magic Studio, Albany, NY, 30 pp. Some discoloration on wraps.................4.50

168.) TRANSCENDENTAL PHYSICS. AN ACCOUNT OF EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATIONS FROM THE SCIENTIFIC TREATISES OF JOHANN CARL FRIEDRICH ZOLLNER...... TRANSLATED FROM THE GERMAN, WITH A PREFACE AND APPENDICES BY CHARLES CARLETON MASSEY. 3rd edition, Boston: Colby & Rich, Publishers, Bosworth St. (Formerly Montgomery Pl.), 1884. olive green cloth bound, w/frontis, illust. Sticker on spine, signed by prev. owner on inside front cover, signed and dated 1886 by another on 2nd blank page. Excellent.................................$25.00

178.) HOW TO READ PEOPLE'S MINDS or THE MYSTERY OF MIND READING REVEALED, by H. J. Burlingame, publ. by Star Books, Chicago, paper wraps, 53+ pp., 1904, illust. Pulp paper booklet w/loads of ad pages for nearly everything from toasts and being the life of the party to self defence and protection (in case the toasts and Magic didn't go over well!!). Tape on spine, shows some wear..........$8.50

180.) SHORT TITLE CATALOGUE OF THE WORKS ON PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, SPIRITUALISM MAGIC, PSYCHOLOGY, LEGERDEMAIN AND OTHER METHODS OF DECEPTION, CHARLATISM, WITCHCRAFT AND TECHNICAL WORKS for the SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION OF ALLIGED ABNORMAL PHENOMENA from 1450 to 1929, compiled by Harry Price, publ. The National Library of Psychical Research, London. 1929, board wraps, w/frontis (incredibly beautiful color frontis. of L'ESCAMOTEUR), profusely photo illust., 422 pp. - - PLUS..

..SUPPLEMENT TO THE SHORT TITLE CATALOGUE - ETC. - ETC., FROM 1472 TO THE PRESENT DAY, by Harry Price, publ. by University of London Council For Psychical Investigation, 1935, board wraps, w/frontis, illust., 112 pp. THE TWO PROFESSIONALLY BOUND TOGETHER IN GREEN CLOTH W/GILT LETTERS. The Catalogue and Supplement in MINT CONDITION!!! Both Catalogue & Supplement.......................$100.00

181.) CONFESSIONS OF A GHOST HUNTER, by Harry Price, publ. by Putnam, London, 1936, black cloth bound, w/gilt letters, w/frontis., photo illust., 396 pp. 1st Ed. Spine faded, shows slight wear................$20.00

182.) THE END OF BORLEY RECTORY, THE MOST HAUNTED HOUSE IN ENGLAND, by Harry Price, publ. by Geo. C. Harrap & Co. Ltd., blue cloth bound, w/dj, w/frontis, profusely photo illust., 358 pp. Reprint 1950. J. G. (Jimmy) Findlay bp. Dj is torn, chipped, book is Excellent....$20.00

184.) RUDI SCHNEIDER, A SCIENTIFIC EXAMINATION OF HIS MEDIUMSHIP, by Harry Price, publ. by Methuen & Co. Ltd., London, 1930, 1st ed., red-orange cloth bound, w/frontis, photo illust., 239 pp. Price seems to accept Schneider's psychic abilities as genuine after seeing him subjected to some very stringent test parameters. Jimmy Findlay bp. orange and black spots inside front & back cover, Spots (one on spine looks like a sticker was removed), binding slightly loose and book shows some wear..........$20.00

244.) THE HEREWARD CARRINGTON COLLECTION. A prolific writer on Spiritualism, Carrington also wrote a couple of magic books and one on circus, animal, gambling, etc.tricks.Offered herein is a group of those books: A.] THE COMING SCIENCE, publ. by Small, Maynard & Co., Boston, 1908, 393+pp.,dark blue cloth w/gilt letters; EUSAPIA PALLADINO AND HER PHENOMENA, B.W. Dodge & Co., New York, 1909, w/frontis, sparcly illus., 353+pp., pale green cloth w/black letters; SIDE SHOW AND ANIMAL TRICKS, Sphinx Magazine, Kansas City, 1913, 66pp., sparcly illus., stapled w/blue-grey thick paper wrap; MODERN PSYCHICAL PHENOMENA, Dodd, Mead & Co., New York, 1919, w/frontis, illus. plus photos, 331+pp., dark blue cloth w/gilt letters; THE PROBLEMS OF PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, Dodd, Mead & Co., New York, 1921, w/frontis, photos, 288+pp., blue cloth w/black letters; THE BOY'S BOOK OF MAGIC, Dodd, Mead and Co., New York, 1923, w/frontis, illus. & photos, 284+pp, red cloth w/black letters; MAGIC FOR EVERYONE, World Publ. Co., Cleveland, Tower Books Ed., 1942, w/slightly frayed dj, illus., 138+pp., light green cloth w/black letters; THE AMERICAN SEANCES WITH EUSAPIA PALLADINO, Garrett Publications, New York, 273+pp., black cloth w/gilt letters. The lot of eight books - 1908 to 1954.............$48.00

More to come!